Saturday, October 10, 2009

ATWT: Wedding Insanity, Day 2

Thursday, October 8th:

Yeah, my sympathy for Lily is at about -75 right now. Holden has every right to be hurt. It would be one thing if it were years from now, but considering how short it’s been, I can see why he’s upset. And Damian makes me want to throw something. “Holden’s been gone a long time.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! He’s been gone for a month and a half! Tops! And you know he’s not happy to see Holden back. That defeated face at the beginning when Holden walked in was enough to tell. Oh and Meg, spare us the self-pity song and dance! What amazes me is that much of this is using a lot of classic soap elements. It’s just a shame that most of it is being so rushed and Lily has been made so weak.

I don’t understand this. Luke basically said to get Mason back, and he apparently did. It is not as though Noah had kept this a secret. And considering the circumstances, Noah really didn’t have much of a chance to tell the whole story anyway at the time. And the fact that Noah walked out in the storm to get to Luke is more proof that he loves him a LOT. And Mason is the little instigator isn’t he? Love how Noah stood up to him. His relationship is none of his business.

One other thing I can’t believe is how Luke went to go check on Damian. Um, didn’t Holden just return from the dead? I’m sure Damian will be just fine.

Let’s hope the next time there’s a thunderstorm that Luke and Noah share a kiss… outside.

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