Saturday, October 10, 2009

ATWT: Wedding Insanity, Day 1

Wednesday, October 7th:

Looks like Emma is the only one with any kind of sense in this craziness. Meg is so typical. She can rant and rave about Holden’s memory all she wants, but the majority of her rage is based on how Damian dumped her like a hot potato. And it’s really letting out her inner psycho bitch. I can’t believe Lily had the gall to invite her to this joke called a wedding? Is she out of her ever-lovin’ mind?! I mean, granted, Emma was as peppy as ever during the green card wedding, but in that case as horrible as that was, at that time one of her sons wasn’t presumed dead and the bride to be married wasn‘t her daughter-in-law!

Luke and Faith going along with this was insane enough, but now even Lucinda has a change of heart with this charade? Are you serious?! This is the same woman who can’t stand to be in the same room with him, especially with her daughter. Ugh, she was showing so much sense until she showed up for that. Give me the Luke and Lucinda who are ready to throw Mr. Grimaldi’s shady ass out the door any day.

Mason looked a little too happy about his car breaking down. I love how Noah is so noble and feels guilty for missing out on something important to Luke, but another big part of me doesn’t care that he missed that insanity. Another thing that I do not get… Luke telling Noah to get Mason back? What a change. Before Luke was hell-bent on Mason never doing as much as making eye contact with Noah again.

It’s really a shame, because this is the type of storyline that should have contained a lot of meaty dialogue and could have run for a really decent amount of time. And the character assassination of Lily doesn’t help matters. Being in a mournful state is one thing, but this character has NEVER been pathetic as this.

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