Saturday, October 17, 2009

GSN: November Schedule Changes

More bad scheduling by the folks at GSN. Starting November 7th, the Super Password block at 11 am will be gone and in its place will be the return of Love Connection to the schedule and Hollywood Squares. Super Password will be on weekends only.

This reminds me of what SOAPnet did with Ryan’s Hope about 2 years ago. You DO NOT take a show with over 1,000 episodes and put it on weekends only. You DO NOT do that. Period.

I love Bergeron Squares, I really do, it’s my favorite version of the show. But I’ve actually grown comfortable with the late night airing, and I really don’t like the idea of Super Password being sacrificed for it. And knowing the current routine, it won’t be different episodes at all. I’ll bet it’ll just be another airing of the same episode. I would have removed one half of the hour, but instead putting Password Plus in the slot… another show that had no reason to be removed from the weekday schedule. And Love Connection is not a game show. I have nothing personal against the show, but it does not belong on this network.

On a miscellany note, to correct a previous entry: the one good thing I noticed though; it looks as though that promo for the Catch 21/Newlywed Game was a bit off; there won’t be all celeb shows all season. There’s at least one good decision made most recently. But still, it’s continuing to get to the point where I have little to enjoy with GSN now. Just way too little variety. I’ve enjoyed some things, but too many scheduling decisions have been either mediocre or just plain bad and have outshined any good.

2 comments: said...

It's sad to hear Super Password will now be on weekends only. I'm watching it right now actually. GSN put two stupid shows in its place. The network is really going downhill (if it hasn't already).

Jay said...

Right now, Ray Combs' Family Feud and the $25K Pyramid are the only two shows I'm trying to make any sort of effort to watch right now without wanting to tape the shows every single day. Any other time I watch GSN right now, it's because I want to tape a certain episode of a certain game show.