Saturday, October 31, 2009

Online Pick of the Week (10/30): Go!

For our new pick of the week, yet another show I wish was on GSN. And of course, how can Chain Reaction be mentioned here without Go!?

Another Bob Stewart creation, based on his earlier show, Chain Reaction, Go! was a show which took two teams, one each consisting of a celebrity captain and four contestants competing for $10,000. Team members construct questions one word at a time just as on the bonus round on Chain Reaction. What I really like about it is how incredibly paced it is; it’s easy to follow and doesn’t rush itself.

This was Kevin O’Connell’s first (and only) game show hosting experience and he did a really great job, right off the bat. Even using is own sign-off “This is K.O. for G.O.” towards the end of the series. Kevin can now be seen as chief weather anchor at WGRZ-TV in Buffalo.

This was another short-lived series, in this case most assuredly having to do with the fact that it was placed at noon against local news in most areas. Again, another short-lived show that could do decently on the weekends.

Go!, my online pick of the week!

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