Saturday, November 7, 2009

ATWT: Sweet But Oblivious Noah

Wednesday, November 4th:

The idea of Lily questioning Holden’s whereabouts with Maeve is a freaking joke. The same questioning is coming from someone who married Damian not even two months after her first husband is presumed dead. It’s one thing to have mourned, but Lily’s just been selfish and I hate what this has done to her character.

Mason is so smug and creepy, and of course his smarmy ass would think it was better if Luke wasn’t there during the shooting. It’s been pointed out very well that Noah wants no part of his advances. That forehead kiss was just… ugh.

Thursday, November 5th:

Lily has just gotten on my last nerve lately. So she’s still wanting Holden, but she points this out while Damian’s arm is around her shoulder. And something else to point out… you know, normally snide comments made by Holden usually bug me, but in this instance, it’s more than justified.

Mason is so arrogant. I’m not much of a violent person, but I’d really like to reach into my screen and bitch slap that smug look right off of his face! Not only is he blatant about hitting on Noah, but he’s stupid enough to let that forehead kiss be caught on video. Luke is so right in being upset and I totally loved his “OH HELL NO“ face when seeing the dailies. I can’t believe he has the gall to put his arm around Noah’s shoulder in front of Luke like that. And then that game on comment?! Ugh. “Open season… open season for what?” Oh, Noah… naïve but loveable Noah… is it not obvious? Mason wants you. BAD.

On a note related more to the show in general, I’ve notice somewhat of an improvement in dialogue and the episodic crap seems to be gone now in favor of the more traditional soap opera storytelling; the way it should be. It really should stay that way.

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