Saturday, April 25, 2009

Primetime Millionaire Returns In August

I am really excited about this. I’ve always felt ABC was incredibly stupid at some points in handling this show. For one thing, it was stupid to air the show up to three nights a week. It was stupid to have frequent all-star episodes. All it did was turn viewers off. And then several years back, I remember hearing that they let the Millionaire contract lapse and I thought this was also nothing other than incredibly stupid. But now they’ve finally done something right!

According to what’s known, Millionaire will contain a format based on the original version combined with elements of the new format used in current first-run syndication. It’ll be interesting to see which elements are added. I wonder if they’ll use the time limit. Or if they’ll use the Ask the Expert lifeline.

And what’s more, Regis will be back! I love Meredith to death, but with her demanding schedule, it’d be pretty impossible for her to host the nighttime show. And it only makes sense for Regis to come back to the nighttime show. I hope this does not mean that Million Dollar Password is definitely dead, but sadly I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. It was pulled and never talked about again.

But back to Millionaire. It’s coming back! And so is Regis! Yes!

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