Friday, April 17, 2009

Online Pick of the Week: GSN Live (4/10)

I meant to post this online last week but I totally forgot. Bad blogger. *slaps wrist*

The moment for this particular week came from GSN Live last Friday, April 10th towards the end of the 12:30 half-hour. I’m sure you’ve probably seen it by now, but if you haven’t, you’re in for some hilarity.

While I think Fred handles himself rather decently on this show, I’ve never been a huge fan of his nor have I found him to be a favorite. But there’s something about this clip. Something about it, the way he reacts to the contestant’s language. From the “no-no-no” to “Denise, for the love of God, pick a consonant!” I swear, from now on every time I see someone on Wheel of Fortune playing badly, I will think of this moment. This is just too funny. And what I love is that I’m sure this isn’t the only time he was at least thinking it, and honestly, I’m in the same boat. While I haven’t gotten EVERY SINGLE answer right with these play along games, for me, 99.999% of them are pretty easy enough to get rather quickly, so sometimes it seriously boggles me when someone doesn’t get something.

And well, obviously, be warned. If you haven’t seen it, it contains a naughty word. Which starts with the letter S and ends with “hit.”

This moment from GSN Live is my online pick of the week for April 10th!

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