Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ATWT: The Z-Kiss

Tuesday, April 7th:

Noah continues to see the potentially good side of Damian while Luke and especially Holden remain cautious. No surprise there.

Luke is so like Holden here it’s not funny. I can see Holden walking in on Damian and throwing the same fit.

Ha, I love how freaked out Noah was when Zac planted that kiss on him, and he told Luke right away of course. If I didn’t know how weird they were to start with, I could swear Zac and Zoe were on something.

Thursday, April 9th:

Totally agree with Noah when it comes to the posters. I can guarantee that many people wouldn’t be so forgiving (eventually at least) like Damian if it were their faces on a poster like that. Luke is being much more calm than I would be when it comes to Zac kissing Noah. If someone kissed my boyfriend, I don’t think I’d be taking it as coolly as him.

Zac and Zoe are just channeling their inner 6 year olds. And where was this computer magic when there was a problem with accessing the funds… oh yeah, Zac was too busy playing dumb. It’s obvious these two are up to no good.

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