Friday, April 3, 2009

ATWT: Z-Squared Edition

Tuesday, March 30th:

Okay, not only is it that Noah tries to see the good in people, but this definitely has to do with his own fatherly issues. It’s obvious: his father has died (well at least we THINK so), so he knows he has no chance to change their relationship in any way for the better; however Luke’s bio dad is. So he thinks it could be possible, even not knowing any other drama that took place. But there’s also the fact that Noah’s dad tried the same approach of “accepting” Noah’s sexuality, which could have easily killed his boyfriend… it’s all just very… oy.

Thursday, April 2nd:

I didn’t read all the information about Zac and Zoe beforehand, so I had no idea they were twins. And, well, gosh… this show loves its family connections. I loved Luke and Noah’s “what the eff?” faces and reactions more than the two characters themselves. They are just too wacky to take seriously.

After all that Damian’s done over the years, I can certainly understand Holden being suspicious of Damian’s motives, but he’s just being way over the top. Suspicion is one thing, but I seriously doubt Damian will stab HIMSELF in the back. He needs to dial it down a notch. Also going beyond Damian, it may be hard to believe with some people, but sometimes the hate or negative reactions to someone coming out does heal overtime.

Of course, I love that Noah is getting to shine in this story just as much as Luke is. The affection was great too. It’s nice to see it between Luke and Noah, in good times and bad.
My only serious problem, get ready for it: too damned fast.

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