Monday, April 20, 2009

ATWT: Sponsored by the letter "Z"

Monday, April 13th:

Hotness aside, more proof that Zac, as well as sister Zoe are up to no good. And damn the two of you for possibly interrupting some Nuke lovin’!

Yes! Another Noah/Damian scene! Love it! Though I’m pretty sure today is another sign that we will never see Noah call Luke Luciano in bed. No matter how hot that sounds; again it’s pretty safe to say it ain’t gonna happen, folks.

And what was up with all the times the letter Z was spoken today? Honestly, at the end of today's show I was expecting a sponsor tag with the letter featuring Big Bird.

Wednesday, April 15th:

Okay, this makes so much sense writing wise that it scares me. Noah disappears without warning for over a day, so of course their rather minor tiff from the other day is brought up, something of which that it does not make sense for Noah to just simply leave over. And what’s more, it doesn’t make sense and it’s NOT SUPPOSED TO. The disappearance over the tiny argument is written logically this way.

It’s one thing to suggest Luke has a few Grimaldi-like traits, but if Damian thinks that Luke would do all this to destroy his own foundation, he’s got a screw loose. All the other stuff aside, this would mean that he’d also possibly had himself hit by a car, and that‘s just crazy. It’s like someone insisting that Damian would stab himself with a knife.

Great job by all involved today. I prefer my evil characters a bit less cartoony and it could stand to be a bit of a slower pace, but it’s great seeing Noah/Jake continue to be used more, and finally a story that revolves most around the characters than the plot.

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