Tuesday, March 10, 2009

GSN: More About The March Schedule Change

More details have come about March 30th’s schedule change thanks to the PDF files at Buzzer, and wow, I could not be more excited!

The $25,000 Pyramid episodes will be 1985-86, new to GSN and haven’t been run in well over a decade since USA had game shows as apart of its schedule. I looked at the episode guide and there are some really interesting and fun celebs. Markie Post, Nipsey Russell, Melody Thomas-Scott, Bill Cullen, Florence Henderson, and even Bronson Pinchot. And there are some pretty memorable moments; the 1968 Chevrolet Chevette blooper, and Tom Poston and his contestant partner getting $0 in the winner’s circle (apparently contrary to popular belief is not the first time that occurred, but still, can’t wait to see it in even better quality). Can’t wait! I’ve always preferred daytime Pyramid, and while I was hoping for the earlier episodes, this is still a great surprise and I’m ever so excited about it! Good job, GSN!

The $100,000 Pyramid episodes are from season 3. I’m actually a tad disappointed because I was hoping for season 1, but still, this season in particular hasn’t been seen on GSN in quite a while, and I know many people at this point would rather see this than season 2, which first resurfaced back in ‘05.

Hollywood Squares episodes are all Bergeron, from season 1, which apparently haven’t been seen on GSN in years. I am really eager about this too, as I love this version of the show and I haven’t seen much of the early years of the show since they originally aired. This will always be my favorite version of the show. Tom and the gang had me rolling from start to finish.

Password in the overnight are daytime color episodes from 1966-67, which haven‘t been seen since 2002. I’ve always wanted to see more of this era of the show! However, Super Password on the weekends starts from the beginning. Eh, not too thrilled about this. I guess another opportunity to catch any episodes that may have been missed.

Chain Reaction on the weekends will still be Lane's. Blah.

I’ve never had GSN when they showed any of color Password, first season Bergeron Squares, or $25,000 Pyramid on a regular basis. I’m still disappointed that Press Your Luck, Card Sharks, and the black and white hour are leaving, but these latest acquisitions from Sony make for some GREAT consolation. Only less than 3 weeks away!

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