Sunday, March 15, 2009

ATWT: More Schmoopiness, Please

Thursday, March 12th:

I have no sympathy whatsoever for Kevin. The guy decided to be “loyal” and be an accomplice to a murderer, drug dealer, almost rapist, and just plain slime ball. If the book was thrown at him, so be it.

Luke, you may have screwed up with the election and got kicked out of school, but now is the perfect time to turn your life around and get back involved into the foundation. Way to go Lucinda and Noah, show him he can be better. And a big yay for more of Noah having scenes with other people!

Even though I didn’t abhor Brian as much as before, I was cringing at the idea of his return. But knowing he wouldn’t be sexually advancing himself towards Luke made me feel better.

The writers can really screw things up, but there are two things that can really be done well in spite of it all. First, Luke and Lucinda scenes. These are pure gold practically 100 percent of the time. Secondly, Luke and Noah’s affection. Please, more bench scenes like today. The more hot schmoopiness, the better.

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