Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remembering Wendy Richard

This happened back in late February, but I just recently found out about it.

Wendy Richard, best known for her roles on the British soap EastEnders, and the British comedies Are You Being Served? and its follow up series Grace and Favour (a.k.a. Are You Being Served? Again! here in the US), lost her battle with cancer on February 26th. She was 65 years old.

I am most familiar with her roles on the latter two sitcoms. I love Are You Being Served? and I’m sure I wouldn’t have enjoyed the character of Miss Shirley Brahms as much if it weren’t for Wendy’s portrayal. She played off the spunky, Cockney accented junior assistant to Mrs. Slocombe, played by Mollie Sudgen, very brilliantly. Some of my favorite scenes on the show involved her and Mrs. Slocombe.

I’ve never seen her other roles, including another one, her first, on Dad’s Army. Here’s hoping my local Britcom source, Georgia Public Broadcasting, picks it up one day.

Rest in peace, Wendy, you will be missed.

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