Friday, March 6, 2009

ATWT: A Bridge Too Far

Monday, March 1st:

Well if there’s one thing that’s really good about this storyline, it’s that Luke and Noah are in of this story together. We need more schmoopiness.

Elwood, that smarmy comment about Noah being in the closet? You jerk.

Kevin, way to look suspicious with these “apologies” to Alison. It’s so obvious it’s Mark now it’s not even funny. Are you a complete idiot?

Thursday, March 5th:

Wow, Kevin… helping aid Mark, a MURDERER, from the cops?! What the hell was with that “I look after my friends” line? Boy, please. Give me a break. What about Luke who saved your life? As soon as you found out Luke was gay, you never treated him the same way again.

Another instance where plot overpowers intelligence; why in the world would Alison go ANYWHERE with Mark after what happened last Halloween? I wouldn’t cross the street with him let alone go off to some warehouse alone with him someplace. And can we please, PLEASE stop with the needles and torturing Alison? Just positively cringe worthy. Tsk, Tsk, Mark, you’d rather die than let people who’re gay help get you off the bridge? So pathetic. Lock him up and throw away the key. Now. And if I were Luke or Noah, I’d be staying away from that bridge after seeing one person die off of it.

Loved the Starsky & Hutch reference at the end and this whole thing could have been presented much better than it was. Character development and paying attention to details... it can't be that hard.

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