Saturday, March 28, 2009

ATWT: The Damian Complex

Wednesday, March 25th:

Ah, such conflict. Luke, Noah, and most likely Lily and Holden’s safety could be at risk, but what Luke says is true: if he and the clan were to stay home in fear, the haters apart of “the sinners and perverts must be silenced” group win.

While I never want to see Luke hit by a car, I have to say the stunt was well done. Though for future reference, the only place I want to see Luke being hit at is… well, I better not finish that thought.

The only real issue I have is that how did Holden immediately know Luke was hit by a car? Come on, anything could have happened to him. And Noah, you are a miracle worker.

Thursday, March 26th:

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 3 years since our ol’ buddy Luke Snyder came out to his parents. And boy oh boy, dear ol’ bio dad Damian took it great, didn‘t he? I remember it all too well. He pretends to accept Luke’s sexuality, only to use his own true feelings to get an upset Lily to let someone from a brain-washing gay-to-straight camp try to haul Luke away. And of course, this lead to the big argument with Luke and Lily leading Lily and unborn Ethan to accidentally tumble down the stairs of their home into a coma. Yeah, I can see why Luke, Lily, and Holden are not very forgiving.

Loved the awkward Noah/Damian scene. PLEASE, please, keep using Noah more in scenes with other people. It seems as though that Noah tries to see the good in people. But in this case, eh… you’d think that by knowing his history with his own dad that he’d be more guarded towards Damian.

I think these past three days Nuke wise were pretty good, however, the same criticisms are still there. Way too fast, details need to be paid attention to (it seems that Luke’s facial injuries switched sides between the hit-and-run and going home from the hospital), etc.

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