Sunday, March 22, 2009

DVD News: The Norman Lear Collection

Coming June 19th. I wish I could figure out why a) it’s so hard for Sony to release remaining seasons of shows and b) these DVD companies add extra bonuses, but the only way to get them is to screw over the fans.

It’s fine and dandy that a “lost” All in the Family pilot was found. I can sort of understand it being found later, things resurface at later dates all the time. But why should someone have to re-buy the first season if they already have it in order to get it? How hard is it to have interviews and the like on separate discs or future season sets so that fans can just get those instead of buying a whole season of something they already have? Or better yet, how hard is it to have interviews on the first released original sets of the respective shows?

Actually, even if you don’t have the individual sets already you can still be screwed. What if someone doesn’t like Sanford & Son, but they do like Maude? Or they don’t like Maude but they do like All in the Family? They’d have to buy a season of a show they don’t like if they want to see interviews or a lost pilot that badly.

Where’s season 2 of Maude? Season 2 of One Day at a Time? Also where are seasons 4 and beyond of Facts of Life? Seasons 3 and beyond of Diff’rent Strokes? I’ll bet you more fans are interested in the aforementioned yet-to-be released seasons over a repackaged set like this one. And knowing that there are chopped up “minisodes” of later years of Facts of Life and other shows on DVD sets as “extras” while fans have been waiting years now for future releases is just insult to injury.

Seriously, Sony, get with the program.

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