Friday, March 6, 2009

Wheel of Fortune: 5000th Show

A pretty big milestone was set last Friday. The nighttime Wheel of Fortune celebrated its 5,000th show.

I was pretty let down by it, to be honest.

Considering that the 3,000th and 4,000th celebrations didn’t feature contestants, I was pretty shocked that an even bigger milestone did, however, this wasn’t exactly the entire source of disappointment.

I liked the first two puzzles, and it would have been nice to have a theme with this the whole show; have puzzles that either were common phrases used on the show, and have a couple that dealt with memorable moments on the show… that could have been a perfect way to go to a clip or two.

I’ve read that some people thought that there should have been something done with the $5,000 space… have it stay on all during the show. Maybe make the house minimum $5,000. I agree, and it would have been one instance where I wouldn’t have minded an extra gimmick or two. After all, it certainly would have been necessary.

The set could have been decorated a bit more; maybe give it a party atmosphere. If Pat didn’t say it before every commercial toss and there was no daytime clip followed by a couple minutes with the cake, people wouldn’t have noticed all that much; because I doubt that some people were watching all week when clips were shown at the end… I didn‘t even know about that until Wednesday.

It really just seemed way too much like a regular episode.

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