Monday, February 23, 2009

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Monday, February 23rd:

Since everyone is yelling at Luke today, I think I will chime in too. LUKE SNYDER, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND?! Now I agree completely with anyone who say Luke is taking this too far. Seriously, getting Elwood’s backpack? That is just borderline creepy. I imagine losing Reg was hard, but it’s time to move on and stop being reckless.

Loved snarky and sarcastic Noah today. Out of him, Casey and Luke, he was the only one being rational and making any sense. Casey and Luke have good intentions, but they serve them out like chuckleheads.

It was finally nice seeing Holden being a parent again, although the yelling is just going to make Luke go in the other direction. Luke’s just being a brat, not to mention disrespectful; not only to Holden and Lily, but also Noah. And Luke telling Noah that he didn’t know him all along is just insane. What happened from the Luke and Noah that just got back together to the Luke and Noah now? It’s like Luke is right back from where we started back during the election. Where is the character development, a staple of the soap genre?

All these Damian mentions… yeah, writers, because that is so *NOT* foreshadowing. *rolleyes*

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