Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wheel and Jeopardy!: Season Premieres

Yesterday marked the season premieres for the current versions of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!. For Wheel of Fortune, it’s the start of the 26th season. It’s the silver 25th for Jeopardy!.

Nothing that significant happened with either show so I’m just going to merge these into one entry.

Wheel of Fortune debuted its new Million Dollar space, it’s basically Bankrupt-Million-Bankrupt, replacing the Bankrupt-$10,000-Bankrupt wedge. The 25th anniversary wedge is also gone, makes sense since the 25th year was last year. It’s also goodbye to the Big Money wedge. I’m kind of mixed on the million dollar element. I don’t like it that much because there’s so much extra stuff on this show now, and I truly don’t think adding something else is necessary. Having so much of the fluff has really turned me off of watching every night. However, there’s the fact that on this show, you really have to work and earn your way towards winning that kind of money, and I do like that. And with the strings attached, we’re probably not going to see one that often. So I do think there’s a positive part to it.

As far as Jeopardy! goes, I do like the silver logo. It’s very appropriate. I also hope we get to see more “looks back” at the show, like one of yesterday’s categories. I like the new main theme music. The Final Jeopardy! one I’m really not a fan of. I just think it’s way too light for this show.

I must remark on one other thing. I recently got a DTV converter box. So it’s really a treat seeing both shows look so crisp. And seeing them in widescreen is a rather theatrical experience.

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