Monday, September 8, 2008

Family Feud: Season Premiere

For me it’s really hard to believe that this version of Family Feud has been on so long. I still remember being up one late night in Indiana being up sick and discovering it for the first time in late 1999.

Nothing has changed with the format so I’m just going to talk about the minor changes. Most everything from the recent NBC nighttime Celebrity Family Feud is now on the daytime version. The colors, the different game board, the *ding-whoosh!*, and so forth. I’m glad to see that the opening from Celebrity Feud did not carry over though.

I notice that it seems that the classic theme is being used again as well, but from the looks of things, not for very long. In the Atlanta area, we get double runs of this show during the day. The first new episode features the classic theme, while the second episode of the hour features a newer version of the 2006 theme. Sort of like a remix; same melody but with some different parts to it and somewhat newly orchestrated. And judging from the closing, it sounds like this version has more of a melody. The same face-off, commercial, and Fast Money win cues from 2006 have been carried over. The Fast Money background music from the recent Celebrity Feud is being used now and replaces the previous cue. Can’t say I like that too much, since it sounds kind of Millionaire-like.

The questions are just fine. I know some people didn’t like the overtly titillating questions on the celebrity version a while back. I didn’t really care too much either way, except for the fact that that particular mood was kind of forced on there; said mood wasn‘t carried over here on the regular daytime version. Pretty standard-fare Feud survey questions just like normal.

John O’Hurley is still in fine form as the host, and it was really nice seeing his son William.

Here’s to one more year of The Feud!

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