Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trivial Pursuit: America Plays: Review

September 22nd marked the debut of a new TV version of the classic Hasbro board game, Trivial Pursuit, called Trivial Pursuit: America Plays.

The host of the new version is Christopher Knight, probably most known for playing Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch, and we can’t forget his reality stint My Fair Brady on VH-1. I think Christopher here does a really decent job. He doesn’t have to do that much since he doesn’t have to ask the questions. But his volume is very good, and he’s really good at interacting with the contestants.

With this show, I really like the concept of the in-studio players versus America. I like how the questions asked come from people of all types. There’s also a good, wide range of categories. I know some of the history questions and some of the material from the other categories, but quite honestly, pop culture is pretty much my forte and I see myself doing best at that subject. For instance, as a fan of the show Friends, I totally knew the character Joey’s last name is Tribbiani.

As far as the minor things go, I really like the set. It looks modern enough without looking too much like a busy primetime dramatic game show. The music and other cues used from what I heard sound pretty good. Simple enough and not overdramatic.

I haven’t seen the 90’s version before so I really don’t have anything to compare the current version with. But overall, I say this is a very good effort. It’s a pretty enjoyable show.

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