Friday, September 19, 2008

Supernatural: Season 4 Premiere

I really, REALLY enjoyed the season 4 premiere of Supernatural last night.

A lot of the minor things I really loved. I loved how defensive Sam and Bobby were when they first saw Dean. What a touching hug between Sam and Dean. And Bobby splashing holy water on Dean was so funny. Can’t blame them for being protective at first since they fight demons and evil spirits pretty much for a living. There’s also that bit about the iPod in the Impala; of course Dean would hate that.

I am curious about the angle on the angel of the Lord but I am definitely looking forward to seeing how it goes. The mystery element is very intriguing, and will really be worth trying to find out. And I’m definitely glad that the show didn’t waste too much time reviving Dean. Even Jensen jokes that if Dean weren’t to come back, it’d be the Sam Winchester show, so there’d have been really no point to tease the viewers any longer with that in my eyes, so I’m glad they didn’t go that route.

Supernatural is my favorite current series right now and I am really glad this show pretty much doesn’t disappoint at all. I’m always on the edge of my seat. And what’s more, I’m behind on my DVD buying, and I had finally bought season 1 a couple weeks ago. I didn’t begin watching until towards the end of that, so there were plenty of episodes I hadn’t seen yet. I finished with that, and what I noticed is that this show is addictive as it is when seeing it in first run… it’s been the first time in quite a while where it’s like “I cannot miss a single episode of this” with a current show. And with the DVD’s, it was so hard to stop watching. This show is just so addictive, especially with having multiple episodes on hand.

Here’s to a great new season of Supernatural!

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