Tuesday, September 9, 2008

DoND: Syndie Premiere

Monday marked the debut of a new daytime first-run syndicated version of the NBC primetime hit, Deal or No Deal. This version is also hosted by Howie Mandel, just like at night.

A while back I mentioned about how incredibly tired I had grown of the NBC version. Just way too much craziness and I couldn’t take it anymore… well, I decided to give the syndicated version a shot to see if I would feel the same way.

And I must say I am rather impressed with it. I liked seeing the other contestants holding the cases; that reminded me of the British version. Though I'm sure some fans of the models might not like that during the day there are only two of them. I had heard of other versions using a wheel on the show and I wondered how that would work. I do like the thrill of it, as it picks potential players. The friends/family element of the contestant asking loved ones on how far they should go is gone on the daytime version. I must say I am glad to see it go. It didn’t bother me much at first, but eventually on the nighttime version, I just found this as another factor that helped make the show more and more irritating for me as the contestants’ loved ones could get really rather obnoxious at times. Howie did a great job as usual.

Today I watched the show and it felt about as fun as it did when I first saw the show back in 2005. This version focuses far more on the contestant and the game and I just love that. All I ask now is please, PLEASE keep this the way it is. Special episodes and so forth are good every once in a while, but please don’t overdo it.

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