Thursday, August 28, 2008

Syndie Millionaire: Official Changes for this Season

Awhile back I posted about the rumored changes for the syndie version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. Well now, here’s the real deal; this season we’ll see the following additions and changes:

- Lifelines: Say goodbye to the 50/50 and Switch the Question lifelines; they are being retired. In their place will be what was originally rumored: Double Dip from Super Millionaire, and Ask the Expert (which pretty much just seems to be Three Wise Men from the Super era, minus two).

I’m actually excited about these changes, especially the Ask The Expert. And to be quite honest, I never really liked Switch the Question.

- Time Limits: The time limits are a-comin’, and since this version according to a somewhat recently aired GSN documentary featured the show already does have one, these are going to apparently be much more strict. The first five questions will have 15 seconds per question, 30 seconds for the next five, 45 seconds for questions 11-14, and for the million dollar question you get 45 minutes plus any remaning time for previous questions.

I was iffy about this at first, but at the same time, it does get a bit irksome waiting and waiting for a question to be answered. And the time limits do sound fair to me. For instance, in many cases, contestants answer the first five questions in even less than 15 seconds.

- Graphics/Music: A few minor changes will be had too; I’m kind of liking the new graphic here, but I’m curious about the other possible new ones. There’s apparently new music added as well.

Granted, I don’t work behind the scenes, but I have the feeling there won’t be too many changes with that, or at least any new music probably won‘t abandon the feel of the show. Hopefully these changes will be good ones also.

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