Tuesday, August 12, 2008

GSN: Laugh out Loud with ‘80’s Game Shows

Get out the Rubik’s cubes and 3-D sunglasses, GSN’s honoring game shows from that lovable decade of the 1980’s. This airs September 14th; here’s the schedule, all times Eastern:

1-3pm: Card Sharks
3:00pm: Press Your Luck (Episode 1 of Michael Larson)
3:30pm: Press Your Luck (Episode 2 of Michael Larson)
4-5pm: Press Your Luck
5:00pm: The $25,000 Pyramid (Vickie Lawrence, Harry Anderson)
5:30pm: The $25,000 Pyramid (Denise Miller, Michael J. Fox)
6:00pm: The $25,000 Pyramid (Billy Crystal, Lynn Redgrave)
6:30pm: The $25,000 Pyramid (Billy Crystal, Lynn Redgrave)
7:00pm: Laugh Out Loud: 80's Game Shows

The idea that they managed to get four episodes of $25,000 Pyramid to show alone has me really loving this already. And the first episode shown features Vicki Lawrence?! Sweet! That is my second favorite era of the show next to the ’70’s $20,000 Pyramid. And if there’s anything that’s truly unforgettable in the game show world in this particular decade, it’s Michael Larson taking Press Your Luck and CBS for a wild ride winning over $110,000 in cash. I’m a bit surprised that Wheel of Fortune isn’t included in the marathon in some way since Vanna started co-hosting in 1982 and the current nighttime version debuted in 1983, but I’m sure that’ll probably be mentioned on the documentary. All in all, this looks to be pretty enjoyable too. Can’t wait for it.

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