Thursday, August 21, 2008

GSN September Schedule Changes

Here are the changes, for the overnight, beginning the week of the 22nd:

1:00 am That’s The Question (replaces Trivia Trap)
1:30 am Camouflage (replaces Now You See It)
2:00 am Trivia Trap (replaces High Stakes Poker)
2:30 am Now You See It (replaces High Stakes Poker)

2:00 am High Stakes Poker (replaces Body Language)
2:30 am High Stakes Poker, cont’d (replaces Beat the Clock)

There’s also a Wheel of Fortune marathon planned for Saturday, September 27th from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

I do I love the idea of a Wheel of Fortune marathon and I‘m certainly eager for that. But as far as the regular schedule goes, I’m not happy one bit about most of these changes. As for Double Dare, they’ve already cycled through all the available episodes once and I saw about 98% of them, so it’s not as big a disappointment for me personally, but I can see the ones who are more upset because they were trying to catch the episodes they missed the first time during the second cycle.

What irritates me the most is Beat the Clock leaving. Especially after finding out that the last episode they’re airing is the first episode of the final week. Would it have really killed GSN to wait two weeks before removing the show? I also don’t like the idea of Body Language leaving. Since Trivia Trap will be nearing the end its second cycle soon, here’s a novel idea when the second run ends: replace it with Body Language so the rest of the episodes can be seen. This is one of my biggest pet peeves I have with television: shows being removed before the cycle ends. Hopefully it'll come back again.

I like that Now You See It is back to five days a week. But the rest of the overnight schedule changes get a thumbs down from me.

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