Monday, August 18, 2008

ATWT: A Night on the Town

Monday, August 18th:

Wow, long time no see, Noah Mayer! And I must say, pretty enjoyable show today. Even with the usual annoyance of lack of screen time (again), so many good things to look back on. This has to be the first time in quite a while (at least since Cyndi Lauper’s appearance) where I watched a Luke and Noah episode and I couldn’t wait to watch it again; I mean, like, immediately after seeing it the first time.

If there’s one thing that I love, love, LOVE about this already is that Lucinda is apart of this story. I’ve been waiting for so long to see some more interaction with her and the boys… again it makes me want to ask the powers that be why on earth she wasn’t involved when Noah was in the closet last summer. It’s also about time that we had Luke and Noah having a fun night on the town! And the scene where they make the plans for it was just adorable. Again, this, THIS is what I and a number of other fans have wanted with these two, REAL affection. And it’s lovely seeing it. EVERY time. Please, show, keep it up!

Could it have been any more obvious how into Lucinda Brian Wheatly was? Though I love seeing Lucinda have a ball too just as much as I do Luke and Noah.

Also, as I’ve probably mentioned before, it’s always nice knowing little things about the characters, like today with how hot tea helps Noah sleep. It’s nice having little fun moments, or breaks, if you will, like these; and I wish the show would get that for the other characters. This especially applies to Paul and Meg. Can they at least breathe first before getting a new story? You don’t need all drama, all the time in order to have a good soap opera.

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