Monday, August 18, 2008

Mork & Mindy: Mini-Marathon

Caught a promo for this during WKRP and Newhart last night. WGN America’s done it again; we’ll be seeing more classic TV in primetime, this time a mini-marathon of Mork & Mindy this Tuesday night, from 8-10 PM Eastern!

The episode rundown is as follows:

8:00 PM “Mork Moves In”
8:30 PM “Mork in Love”
9:00 PM “Mork's Greatest Hit”
9:30 PM “Long Before We Met…”

Most of the episodes are going to be from season one, with the exception of “Long Before We Met…” which is from season 4; and I’m kind of happy about that. It has been a while since I’ve seen the majority of the show, but I remember the first season being the real favorite. I thought season two was okay as well, but all the cast changes and so forth didn’t exactly make the show any better for me. I liked that Tom Poston became a regular in season two, but I didn’t like Elizabeth Kerr and Conrad Janis being dropped.

Either way, cheers to WGN for adding another night of retro fun!

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