Friday, August 1, 2008

ATWT: Big Brother Luke

Thursday, July 31st:

Well, I must say, Luke is one great big brother. One of the biggest problems I have with this show currently is that in a lot of cases, family members hardly interact with one another and I genuinely appreciate when it does happen, and today is certainly no exception. It’s always good seeing Faith and Luke share scenes together. And of course, while good intentioned, we knew Luke’s line to Faith earlier when it came to Holden and Lily was a complete lie. I hate the word “chillax,” but even Van can make it sound nice. I really feel bad for Faith. And I loved her mention early in the show about gay marriage.

It’s really great seeing Luke and Noah be a real couple. These are kinds of scenes I like. Not only was there interaction with Luke and his younger sisters, but Noah was also there being supportive when Luke needed it. And of course, I’m loving that we’re getting kisses, real couple kisses on screen when the scenes call for them. I saw the passion in the kiss on this episode. And let’s not forget Luke inviting Noah to the family barbecue!

The only problem I really see with this episode in particular is pretty much the usual… not enough screen time. Way, way, WAY too much of it devoted to Parker and Liberty, and now it seems like it’s not just Luke and Noah who’s getting their time lessened for the sake of that ridiculous story. And I’ve been ready for the foundation storyline to start. But overall, pretty good scenes with Luke and Noah on this episode.

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