Thursday, August 21, 2008

ATWT: For the sake of the Foundation

Wednesday, August 20th:

Airtime, or lack thereof… lather, rinse, repeat…

Brian may be right in the sense that there are bigots out there -- and I for one, do not blame Luke one single bit for getting pissed off -- but really, the dirty looks and so forth that he was giving to Luke and Noah when they were having the business meeting, and even when Luke kissed Noah at dinner, really do not make Brian look that good. And could he be a bit more subtle? Also the fact that he was calling them on their affection just after openly (and VERY obviously, and even more so than Luke and Noah) flirting with Lucinda kind of bugged me. The sad thing I also notice is that with 99% of new characters on this show nowadays, you’re not going to see them be too nice, or at least for very long, so I’m suspicious already about Brian’s character. I did love hearing Lucinda mention very clearly that she would never work with anyone who is homophobic in any form. That part I thought was great. Lucinda rules all.

All else I can say right now is that whether or not I wind up liking this storyline in the end, I just hope the writers have it flow in SOME direction, unlike the green card marriage storyline, where one could get a migraine trying to figure out where the hell that was going. And, show, no more random psychos. Please.

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