Tuesday, August 12, 2008

GSN: Laugh out Loud with ‘70’s Game Shows

Get the bellbottoms out of the attic and turn the disco music on in celebration as GSN salutes ‘70’s game shows. This airs September 7th; here’s the schedule, all times eastern:

1:00 pm: The Dating Game (Michael Jackson)
1:30 pm: The Dating Game (Ken Norton, Suzanne Somers)
2:00 pm: The Dating Game (Ron Howard)
2:30 pm: The Dating Game (Pee Wee Herman)
3-5 pm: Let’s Make A Deal
5-7 pm: Match Game
7-8 pm: Laugh Out Loud: ‘70’s Game Shows

I’m REALLY excited about this; the 1970’s is my favorite decade of television, and many of those favorites are game shows. More than 60 game shows aired between 1970-1979, so I can only imagine the material that can be used for a documentary that’s exclusive to that time period the genre. I was really impressed with just about all of the previous documentaries and specials GSN had shown a while back: Behind the Blank: The Real Match Game Story, Game Show Hall of Fame: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, etc. Pretty much all of them except Greatest Game Show Moments, which really just had the same recycled clips from previous specials; not to mention said clips were edited badly and weren‘t even that great to begin with.

The marathon looks great. I’ve really gotten into Let’s Make a Deal after seeing repeats of it in the past year, The Dating Game is one of my favorite Chuck Barris shows, and how can you have a Laugh Out Loud special without Match Game? I’m eagerly awaiting September.

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