Thursday, December 11, 2008

GSN: New Year’s Marathons

I’m pretty excited about this! On December 31st, GSN will be bringing in the New Year with their regular tradition, a marathon of The $100,000 Pyramid.

9:00 am - #26: Florence Henderson and Ed Begley, Jr.
9:30 am - #171: Ken Kercheval and Rita Moreno
10:00 am - #145: David Graf and Mary Cadorette
10:30 am - #65: Nipsey Russell and Teresa Ganzel
11:00 am - #432: Soupy Sales and Shelley Smith
11:30 am - #68: Howard Morton and Didi Conn
12:00 pm - #457: Audrey Landers and Nathan Cook
12:30 pm - #87: Vicki Lawrence and Dick Cavett
1:00 pm - #378: Betty White and David Graf
1:30 pm - #414: Brian Mitchell and Markie Post
2:00 pm - #121: Annie Bloom and Jamie Farr
2:30 pm - #186: Terry Lester and Florence Henderson
3:00 pm - #56: LeVar Burton and Markie Post
3:30 pm - #469: David Graf and Patty Duke
4:00 pm - #5: Brian Mitchell and Vicki Lawrence
4:30 pm - #389: Smokey Robinson and Gladys Knight
5:00 pm - #11: Betty White and Nathan Cook
5:30 pm - #99: Brian Mitchell and Markie Post

I think the truly best part of this marathon is that we will be seeing episodes that have not been shown in a good while! I have waited so long to see more of seasons 1 and 3. The first season of $100,000 Pyramid has not been seen on GSN in years, and what’s more, we’ll be seeing an episode from the premiere week! Pyramid is my favorite game show of all time, and the fact that practically all the episodes in this marathon are going to be relatively fresh (well at least for me), makes it all the more special. I'm really glad someone seemed to care enough to shake things up with this marathon!

January 1st will feature another marathon of Let’s Make A Deal (syndie 1971-77) from 9 am - 3 pm like in 2008. However, this marathon will not be strictly Las Vegas Hilton episodes. We should see at least a couple real goodies in it. The episode that airs first is the first episode! And the noon show features an appearance by Milton Berle!

Looks like a great way to start the new year and I personally can‘t wait.

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