Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ATWT: The Talk

Tuesday, December 16th:

Sorry, Brian, but I still have no sympathy for you. None. I really don’t like how when he brings up about how people try to help Luke during his downward spiral, that he includes himself, yet all the while trying to convince himself that he never came onto Luke -- twice. I’m sorry, but Brian’s no hero. And later on it was about time that he admits that he kissed him. It’s like despite all this, the creepy smarminess factor is still there. Although as much as I can’t stand him, I have to agree that Luke is pretty attractive.

And it’s so true about what Luke says when it comes to being in denial about being gay. It’s one thing to lie about yourself and in the process hurt only yourself, but it goes into an entirely different direction when you involve someone else, especially if you date or marry someone.

Brian and Lucinda are not having sex. Oh, GASP! What a shocker. Let me tell you. And please, writers, no more Nuke sex (or lack thereof) mentions in front of Brian? Please? Pretty please? Okay, thanks. Bye.

Thursday, December 18th:

I really don’t like it when the writers do this. Lily was basically saying that Jade made her mistakes but she always felt bad about it and didn’t want to intentionally harm them. That’s so not the case. For instance, when she slept with Will two years ago, when it all came out, it was basically more that she was sorry she got caught, and not just sorry about what happened.

And oh boy, how the tables have turned. There are people that insist that Noah “snitched” or ratted Luke out after the whole cheating situation with the election, and it just wasn’t that way at all. I think after all the lying about being gay and seeing Maddie, and the whole Ameera fiasco taught him that lying is just not the way out of things. But it was so obvious, at least to me, that Noah was just trying to do the right thing when it came to coming clean, and if he lied about it too, then they would have both been kicked out of school. Luke sort of to me had the same logic on this episode; that lying and covering up things, and not doing the right thing the wrong way wasn’t the way to go. He does this with Jade by going to the police with her instead of giving her money to skip town, and she winds up getting arrested. Both were doing the right thing for the person involved, but it just ended horribly.

And thumbs down to the writers for one other thing: how the hell do you have a scene with Luke catching up with Jade and there’s NO Noah mentions at ALL? Writers, are you kidding me?

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