Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ATWT: Mistletoe-gate: One Year Later

Monday, December 23rd:

You know, I have to say that for the past year, I have never thought about mistletoe the same way again after last year’s Christmas pan-up at the end of the show. I couldn’t even watch the December 20, 2007 episode afterwards because despite all the scenes with Luke and Noah talking about how much they loved each other, I just couldn’t get past the rage of how they so quickly decided to pan up to the mistletoe as soon as their lips were about to meet. I just couldn’t do it, for fear of the urge to throw something at my TV in a fit of anger. Yet again.

I still have my annoyances with the writers; for one thing, how the hell can you have Maddie ask if Noah is gay after all that happened last year? And Luke being jealous of Maddie? Seriously? But today is a celebration for me. The gift that Noah gave to Luke was so sweet and the thought behind it was so, so precious. And, YES! The “same here” from last year, when all still was well, followed by mistletoe with a KISS, a REAL kiss that we could actually SEE and enjoy!

It’s nice that Maddie and Noah are still friends after all that’s happened. And Luke, if a guy kissed me the way Noah kissed Luke towards the end of the show (and oh boy, WHAT a kiss that was too!), there’s no way in Hades that I’d be questioning his sexuality!

And gotta Love Brian with his reasons for holding up sex. Sorry, Lucinda, but you aren’t getting any tonight.

In the end, I’m still disturbed by Brucinda affection and the writing can still be frustrating at times, but after all that’s been pointed out, the last thing I can say is bite me, homophobes!

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