Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Game Show Moments of 2008

It’s truly hard to have just one, so I’ve come up with four! My picks for best game show moments in the year 2008!

I’d definitely say my favorite moment this year game show wise was Betty White’s appearance on Million Dollar Password. I must be a real sentimental person, especially for ranking this as #1, not only because it was a pure treat to see her play on both episodes, but also because seeing the clip of Betty and Allen on the original Password just really tugged at the heartstrings!

Another great moment I’d say would be the million dollar win on Wheel of Fortune. As I’ve said before, I’m tired of the gimmicky things this show pulls, but there’s something about the million dollar wedge. Yes, the show should tone the glamour down, I’ll always think that. But with the million dollar wedge, I like how the contestant really has to work for it and earn it. And that’s exactly what Michelle did back in October! It was EARNED and her reaction was just priceless. It was all about the emotion.

A third one for me would be yet another million dollar win -- this time with contestant Cynthia on The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular back in April, when playing Clock Game. Again, just like Michelle’s win, it was about the emotion. Emotion that wasn’t forced out and unnecessarily overdrawn by ridiculous commercial tosses and “missions.” The emotion in that moment was raw and real, like how it should be on a game show.

Another memorable and great moment for me had to be seeing contestant Dorothy play on the daytime Price is Right again after 37 years. In 1972, she won the Grocery Game and made it to the showcase. It’s unfortunate that she didn’t do too well in 2008, but it was still a treat to see her.

Here’s hoping for more memorable and great moments in 2009!

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