Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ATWT: More of the Newbs

Tuesday, December 23rd:

Today is a perfect showcase as to why I am not a fan of Jade (and not really feeling the new actress either). Give me a break, girl! Luke took Jade to the police in fear of what could happen to her if she were a fugitive; where she could easily be hurt or killed. Sorry, but if someone’s freedom and possibly their life is at risk, I’m hauling them to the cops. Also this is has to be the fourth or fifth time this year where some crazy convict or pissed off person is about to kill someone or himself with someone sane enough to talk them or force the weapon away from them. This show just milks that to no end.

With Maddie, it looks like another case of the character coming back to town, only to change with no real explanation whatsoever. I’m still trying to warm up to the actress, but writing wise, this is just not the Maddie that we’ve known before… and geez, horny much? And Maddie, you didn’t turn Noah gay. It’s called denial.

I’m sorry, but Luke being jealous of Maddie and Noah is just silly. For one thing, has this show forgotten that Luke and Maddie were once each other’s BFF? And secondly, Noah is GAY. Gay and OUT. The days of him denying his sexuality have long since ended. I reiterate: NOAH IS GAY. He’s not going to just up and hook up with her. Come on, writers. Stop trying to force drama where it doesn’t or shouldn’t exist. And the real potential awkwardness with Noah formerly dating Casey’s ex-girlfriend Maddie is apparently swept under the rug.

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