Thursday, December 11, 2008

ATWT: Hey-La, Hey-La, My Ex-Wife’s Back

Monday, December 7th:

You know, I think Brian would be more justified in his little tirade if he hadn’t kissed Luke. And during the whole situation, not once does Brian seem to remember coming onto Luke. Not once. If he kept his hands (and lips) away from Luke, and Luke decided to call his ex-wife on just merely his own vague suspicions and general dislike for the man, then I’d be more likely to take his side. Deny all you want, Brian, but you’re as gay as the day is long. Maybe Luke dug a little too deep in trying to find out by calling Brian’s ex-wife. But I’d be just as weary to find out more about him if he pulled the same schtick with me.

Normally I love it when couples act schmoopy and lovingly in soaps. Couples that actually work together, that is. But knowing all the stuff about Brian makes his affectionate scenes with Brian just cringe-worthy.

And again, Still hating the little amount of Noah featured. Can we please see more of Noah’s side of this break-up?!

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