Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ATWT: Noah Said Knock You Out

Tuesday, December 30th:

Oh my God, Brian, you have so much gall. Your marriage to Lucinda stopped being none of Luke’s business a LONG time ago. And anyone with a brain knows that Lucinda wants some action.

Luke, I can’t believe you. Kissing Brian… are you effing kidding me? The only thing that sucks about Brian getting his lights punched out by Noah is that at the time he didn’t deserve it. But then I’m reminded of all the bullcrap he’s pulled so all in all I don’t feel bad about enjoying it. And sorry Luke, being “drunk” after two glasses of wine is no excuse at all either for macking on your step grandfather. There is no justification about it period. Like I said last time, Luke being jealous of Maddie and Noah’s friendship is just silly. Silly and ridiculous. Noah’s days of being in the closet are OVER and he’s not going to just run off and sleep with Maddie because Casey screwed her over. Noah is gay. Gay, gay, gay! Have I mentioned that Noah is gay? Get yourself together, Luke! How can you be THAT insecure after Noah has shown you time and time again, especially in the past two weeks alone that you’re the only guy in his life that you turn to kissing resident skees-bucket Brian Wheatley?! I can’t say I blame Noah either for being royally pissed off either after it‘s all set and done (by the way, great job, Jake!).

And come on, show. This better be the last cockblock. That act is just getting past tired. Let Luke and Noah do the horizontal limbo. I promise the sun will rise the next day.

Really not a fan of nuMaddie. She was never this whiny and pathetic. Why does history have to be thrown out of the window when it comes to writing this show? Why does plot have to come first before character, even if it means sacrificing the integrity of the character? Even if it means dropping a character's IQ so a story can work? And I’m glad Jade is being apologetic, though I‘m not liking her bratty attitude towards Lucinda. Funny how Jade is being written to a T, but Maddie isn't.

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