Thursday, December 11, 2008

ATWT: The Tables Have Turned

Thursday, December 10th:

Well this time the tables have turned, and Brian is the one that’s the drinker. Nice to see that Luke isn’t the one who’s drinking this time.

I honestly don’t blame Noah one bit for walking out on Luke at the bachelor party. That remark about Noah being in the closet was extremely uncalled for, and really not a good way to get him to see Luke’s side of this whole situation with Brian. Still seeing too little of Noah in this though. Lack of Noah equals an unhappy Brandon.

Brian… ugh, what a douche. Oh, “I had a bit too much scotch tonight.” How convenient. Thank God Lily and Holden walked in. Normally I hate the idea of Luke being interrupted before a possible kiss, but this is Luke-blocking I can get behind. I was glad to see Luke tell Brian off at the end, but honestly if I were him I would have told Lucinda by now. I’d love to see Brian try to deny his way out of it this time.

I really can’t wait for this to unravel. I’m just so sick of Brian Wheatley.

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