Friday, April 16, 2010

Ugly Betty: Finale

Overall I felt it was a tad rushed. It’d have really been nice if ABC had not shortened the show’s episode order of episodes from 22 to 20. In spite of that though it was still a good finale.

I loved how Wilhelmina managed to get control of Mode without scheming or manipulating. I was also wondering if they’d bring Grant Bowler back for the finale. I’m glad they did.

I know there was a little criticism from some with Justin coming out so late in the series, but I think the show handled this just right. I mean, sure, anyone who’s a hardcore fan of the show would have known immediately from the pilot episode. But it really doesn’t matter how obvious you may be to others, for many gay people. That doesn’t make it easier to come out and there’s still a denial process. They also did an excellent job with Austin. Also, great role reversal with Justin giving Marc advice.

It was extremely hard watching the goodbyes exchanged between Betty and her family. Absolutely impossible to get through it without getting teary eyed. You could totally tell Mark Indelicato’s tears were real. There’s one thing I don’t understand about how they’re ending things with Ignacio, though. We’ve been introduced to a love interest for him, which has evolved into a relationship. Odd she wasn’t on the episode at all or even mentioned.

When a show ends I’m normally a closure fanatic, wanting EVERY loose end tied up. But in the case of Daniel and Betty, I’m kind of glad it was left to the individual viewer’s own interpretation.

The title screen at the end with the “Ugly” in Ugly Betty fading away to just simply “Betty” was a very nice touch.

I’m really going to miss this show; especially considering all of the positive messages it’s presented over the past four years.

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