Friday, April 16, 2010

Online Pick of the Week (4/16): The Bob Newhart Show

The pick of the week this time is a favorite, The Bob Newhart Show, and it's not much of an outline of the show but a general favorite episode. This of course being the sitcom that ran from 1972-78 Saturday nights on CBS and not the short-lived variety show which aired in 1961 of the same name.

Now that WGN’s been airing Newhart again, I’ve been able to see enough of both it as well as The Bob Newhart Show. Both shows were brilliant, and because of that I’ve always had a tough time picking which show I like the best, but I think I’ve finally made a decision. And while I enjoy Mary Frann very much as Joanna Loudon on Newhart, my favorite TV wife of Bob’s has to be hands down Suzanne Pleshette. I love Emily Hartley’s style, and I found her to have the best chemistry with Bob.

The episode chosen is season 2, episode 8’s “Mister Emily Hartley.” Here, we find that Emily has a higher IQ than Bob, and Bob begins to feel inferior… even though he claims IQ tests mean nothing. Bob did a superb job as acting straight man to the rest of his characters‘ antics: neighbor Howard Borden (Bill Daily), secretary Carol Kester (Marcia Wallace), and dentist Jerry Robinson (Peter Bonerz), but in some instances Suzanne did a great job of that with Bob, and it’s shown very well here.

The Bob Newhart Show… my online pick of the week!