Friday, April 23, 2010

ATWT: Yippee Ky Yay

Thursday, April 22nd:

It’s interesting looking back at certain things. When I first found out about Luke and Noah’s first kiss (which was well ahead of time like I found out about Luke and Reid’s) I was ecstatic. And it didn’t disappoint. I felt like a kid who got his favorite toy on Christmas morning watching that particular kiss. Over the moon would be a perfect description for my feelings on it. This one today on the other hand, well…

Even though I'm still not into Luke and Reid I’ll admit personally I've seen a little chemistry/tension. Like when Luke grabbed Reid at the police station and even a little in the elevator. Didn't see any on March 17 though... all I saw was anger. And I haven’t seen much in all of the other glances either. The big difference for me is that Luke/Noah sell the chemistry for me every time. Luke/Reid do not. I just don’t see physical chemistry astronomically off the charts in every instance with these two. The kiss itself didn’t do much for me. What was interesting to me was how things went afterwards. I thought Van handled the situation of being taken by surprise well. I loved his face right after it happened. And I am enjoying Eric’s acting of it too. But the actual kiss? Eh. I’m not 100% sold on it. I’m still not sold on Reid Oliver at this point either, but part of me wants to give the man props for going for it like that.

And what’s this? Reid calling Luke by his first name? Are icicles forming in hell right about now?

One thing I found incredibly lame: No Noah at all? What is up with this? Show, I thought this was supposed to be a TRIANGLE. You know, a love story involving THREE different points of view?

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