Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baggage: Debut

GSN's got a new dating show. Do you have too much baggage?

I know for some people they had issues with the mere idea of Jerry hosting anything for GSN. But that personally wasn’t my problem. In spite of the show he hosts, I knew he’d at least be competent enough to keep a show moving for 30 minutes. My problem isn’t with the host here a bit; it’s the show. And it was pretty much what I was expecting overall. A dating show with a Deal or No Deal type aspect. Trashy television meeting a game show type format. No wonder they got someone like Jerry Springer to host it. His long-running talk show is known for guests and their “baggage” and secrets. However, the twist here is that people find out about each other’s secrets before going out on the first date, and no furniture is to be thrown here. Some people were offended by some of the racy discussions such as certain body parts and so forth. But what made me lose interest the most is that it just didn’t move fast enough.

This show isn’t as bad as, say, Unstapled or Instant Recall, but still… that really is not saying much at all. I’d even clamor for a new season of Catch 21 over this. At least that is a traditional game show that’s garnered some sort of success for the network. Why is it so hard to have a really good original program lately on this channel?

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