Friday, April 9, 2010

ATWT: “Date” Night

Friday, April 9th:

So wow, Reid was back to being a jackass QUICK when things didn‘t go his way. Today is a perfect example of why I wouldn't want Reid having anything serious in the long run with Luke. One wrong move and he'll turn on you with his ego in a heartbeat. So far Noah’s worst days have been a walk in the park compared to this guy’s. And what a hypocrite. Reid wants Luke to use his influence and help like crazy now; and this is the same person who made fun of him for wanting to do the same thing with someone he actually loves.

I had heard about Noah “dating” this Richard guy and wondered what this could mean. But after today it’s obvious there’s no intention that Noah’s wanting to move on with this person. Hell, his “dinner date” didn’t even have any lines! I can't believe all they did was just laugh. I kind of hated the way Noah answered Luke’s questions, but it’s obvious it wasn’t going to go well based on Luke’s reaction. He repeatedly insisted it wasn’t anything serious and Luke kept pushing him.

This didn’t play out as badly as I feared. However it’s still contrived like a mother, which can really make a storyline with actual potential hard to enjoy.

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