Friday, April 16, 2010

ATWT: Towels are Evil

Thursday, April 15th:

Lord knows I’ve voiced my opinions on Dr. Reid Oliver, which are mostly not in favor of him. And I still stand by many of them. Reid is selfish, hypocritical, etc. Still think so. But I honestly do not blame him at all for simply finding Luke hot. The guy may be a jerk but he does have good taste in men. I mean, come on, dude’s in a towel. There were some joyfully coined expletives that went through my mind during that short but scorching scene which aren’t appropriate to mention here, so let’s just say I‘m not going to condemn him for enjoying that scene just as much as I did.

When I’m watching Reid, I’m reminded of the part of How The Grinch Stole Christmas with the picture of the Grinch’s heart inside that box being entirely too small. When talking about that girl who died, it’s like it grew just that little bit much. Luke is so right. He has this incredibly annoying defense mechanism of being a jerk whenever he shows any sort of emotion.

Sometimes it seems Noah’s represented enough and in most other cases - he’s not. Today he was not, even though I was glad to see the phone conversation. Noah’s supposed to be living with Alison now? Why no scenes with the two of them together. They could, I don’t know, BE TALKING ABOUT THIS WHOLE MESS?!

If anything happens with Luke and Reid it’s so obvious that it’s going to be just one big, fat, humongous, ginormous, incredibly large rebound.

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