Friday, April 9, 2010

ATWT: From Naughty to Nice… In a Flash

Wednesday, April 7th:

I know Luke did it for Noah, but I didn’t really care too much for Luke contacting that deceased child’s father. The way it was done kind of rubbed me the wrong way and resembled too much of Damian style behavior.

Dr. Reid doesn’t get involved in his patients’ personal lives? Are. You. Kidding. Me. This is the same person who had no problem getting involved in Luke and Noah’s personal lives by instructing Luke to stay away from Noah. Contradiction much, writers? And I love how nice Reid is all of a sudden. After all that’s happened, you’d think he’d go off at the idea of Luke trying to end his lawsuit business for him.

Thursday, April 8th:

FINALLY! Nice to see Noah be a significant part of the episode. This storyline as far as points of view are finally starting to get somewhere. The last time he was on with Luke and Reid it pretty much just cameo appearances. There really has not been enough Noah in this story. Also considering Noah and Luke’s interactions, it’s obvious how much they miss each other. Noah wanted to tell Luke so bad about the possible progress with his blindness but didn't want to get Luke's hopes up.

As for Reid, I’ve seen many a soap character be introduced as a pure jerk. And somehow overtime, the character matures or the jerk-like behavior is dialed down and it’s a rather natural progression. Some kind of light bulb goes off. Depth is emphasized with the character and he becomes more human. But not in this case. With Reid it’s been such a forced, unnatural transition from the ass he was introduced as. And it’s all for the plot to work. Oh, this show. Though I did love it when even he thought Luke and Noah were endgame.

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