Friday, January 22, 2010

What Is Going On With GSN?

I mean, seriously?

It’s bad enough that GSN has once again ventured into the concept of reality programming, but what really gets to me is the fact these two shows - Carnie Wilson: Unstapled and Hidden Agenda - are on so much. There’s no need for these series to repeat randomly throughout the GSN Live block all week or on Friday mornings; especially if so few episodes have been produced. I also can’t say I’m happy to see Wheel of Fortune leave the GSN lineup at all. Sure, airing the same season for the third time wasn’t helping matters, but all that had to be done was to lease a different one.

I have no problem with GSN wanting to air original programming; just as long as it fits in with the game show genre. Resorting to reality shows, keeping an inconsistent schedule, and running the same episodes multiple times per week… blech. It absolutely reeks of Viacom network style programming and I for one cannot stand it.

It's become about more than them just shelving most of their classic programming or even just having a bland schedule by now. It’s the fact that they’re willing to risk so much to “go into a different direction,” especially after the fact that reality was once conceived on this network and it crashed and burned, miserably.

Come on, GSN, get it together and stick exclusively to what you’re known for: game shows.

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