Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chelsea Lately: Something That’s Annoying Me

This grievance actually doesn't have anything to do with Chelsea herself, nor is it a critical response to her actual show, but about how the show is being handled online.

Not that long ago, Comcast Entertainment Group removed a bunch of Chelsea Lately episodes, roundtable, and celebrity interview segments from YouTube. And in it’s place is an official YouTube channel. Doesn’t sound so bad so far. But… all that’s there is tiny clip segments that can already be viewed on the E! website. Some of the most popular things, like the roundtables (a personal favorite of mine), are practically nowhere to be found. A few of them have been re-added or apparently went unnoticed, but I expect they won't be there for very long. Same with Hulu. All that’s there are measly little clips.

I mean, honestly, is someone posting a show the next day for people who can’t see it on the network really doing any harm? Fans aren’t making money from doing this. As much as I hate how Viacom went crazy with banning all their material from the site, at least with shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, the full episodes can be seen online on their official sites and on Hulu and not just small snippets. I’d like to see the owners of Chelsea Lately at least do something similar if they won‘t let the fans upload much of anything.

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