Saturday, January 9, 2010

Online Pick of the Week (1/8): Game Show Finale Megamix

Uploaded by user AdamNedeff. This is a really good mix of finales. Like with the idea of the “firsts on the first” marathon, it’d have been really nice to see something like a “lasts on the last” towards the end of the day on New Year’s Eve on GSN.

What I really like is how well the emotion is displayed in it; perfectly tied with Donna Summer‘s “Last Dance.” It’s always sad to see the shows that have been on for a considerable amount of time, like Super Password, Card Sharks, and The Newlywed Game end for this very reason. You can tell how much fun they had doing the show and how much the hosts and personalities enjoyed themselves. Also The Better Sex didn’t last for very long on ABC, but the finale is still very touching. There are some funny moments to take your mind off the downer mood as well, like Pat and Vanna sharing an intimate moment on Pat’s last daytime episode of Wheel of Fortune, John Daly himself being the mystery guest on the final episode of the original What’s My Line?, and $20,000 Pyramid’s fake winner’s circle.

Truly worth the watch. My online pick of the week!

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