Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ATWT: More angry!Noah

Tuesday, January 5th:

This was rather disappointing. The last Nuke episode was much nicer even though there was still a cloud of angst looming over them. And as much as I love good angsty drama, this is starting to get a little above and beyond. I understand that Noah is still upset about being blind, but not even letting Luke touch him? Come on, it’s like I’m watching an entirely different character. I’d like to see them fight this together.

As for the film, I do understand a little of how Noah feels. An award was won, but Noah feels that he didn’t accomplish any of it, but it's not like Luke meant to control anybody with it all. And I can’t believe that such a key element like the handling of the film was done off screen.

It feels as though this episode wasn’t complete. Like there’s footage still left in the editing room that wasn‘t put in the final print. There was no answer as to whether Luke was secondary to Noah's getting better. It's like it was edited out or something. This was another episode that shows that not enough potential is being put out into it when I know there’s more out there that‘s begging to be put through.

On a couple of positive notes, Van and Jake did rock their scenes, and props to the makeup people for continuing to make Noah’s injuries look as realistic as possible.

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